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"Un Triomphe" in Montreal & A Preview of Boston

"Un Triomphe" in Montreal & A Preview of Boston

Inside Montreal's belle Maison symphonique.

The Canadian leg of the LA Phil's North American trek is officially over. Our neighbors to the North were a magnifique audience! Toronto was "magical" with a crowd of more than 2,400, including students from the Sistema Toronto educational program, and last night's concert at Montreal's Maison symphonique was a "a triumph." 

Take it (literally) from La Presse reporter Claude Gingras, whose review's headline translates into English as, "Dudamel, Los Angeles: a triumph." Gingras has praise indeed for Gustavo Dudamel, whom he declared "a very serious conductor whose highly dynamic gesture is never gratuitous and, on the contrary, always friendly music and always justified by the message to be transmitted. Finally, the one who’s conducted the Los Angeles Philharmonic for five years extends the noble tradition of his predecessors: Klemperer, Mehta and Giulini, to name the most famous."

We love you, Montreal, but you're freezing us! Jeff Neville and John Lofton in "Old Montreal."

Now we're Boston bound and taking all this joie with us out on the road again! The LA Phil is marking our final tour stop with an action-packed weekend centered around 10 amazing Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) students before composer John Corigiliano joins us again for Sunday afternoon's concert at Symphony Hall.

All part of YOLA's advanced string quartet, the students' activities will range from attending an open rehearsal with Gustavo Dudamel at MIT to teaching other young Boston-area students to visiting college campuses to possibly hitting up a Dunkin' Donuts. (That most ubiquitious of Boston institutions.)

Stay tuned!